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39479006 Video

Artist turns the fiery fireworks fire performance

68863229 Video

Casual businesswoman answering the phone

67676557 Video

Businessman opening shirt to reveal romania flag

67550885 Video

Puzzle pieces assembling in head

67323020 Video

Portrait of woman smiling at beach

66544404 Video

Everybody Dancing

60235723 Video

Baseball player swinging the bat, close up, black background

50676463 Video

Ethnic parent enjoying son time by ocean

45758298 Video

Loving Young Ethnic Mother Daughter

45264703 Video

Video wall including fast zoom

43110896 Video

Young woman walking dogs in neighborhood

28702405 Video

TOP: Adult man typing on a laptop

68622024 Video

Altstadt aus der Luft

67241981 Video

Digital Earth - Data Code Matrix Intro

66649113 Video

Close Up Young Man Using Tablet Computer Touchscreen

66025767 Video

cyberspace digital lock loopable background

65804453 Video

Black man isolated on white

65697126 Video

Nuremberg Castle, Bavaria Germany (POV2)

65269272 Video

Nuremberg Castle, Bavaria, Germany (POV1)

65269165 Video

Giraffe with the setting sun in the background

63817348 Video

Portrait of a young happy woman smiling at a station

62469208 Video

Temple complex of Bagan at sunset. Burma

62125525 Video

White clock ticking

60504824 Video

Patient video conferencing with doctor on computer

60339370 Video

Red ribbon cutting: Hand cutting a red ribbon for inauguration

60106636 Video

Young fit couple running down road over camera

59161563 Video

Businesswoman drinking coffee and reading newspaper in the city

58720473 Video